Dried Apples



  1. Wash, peel and core, cut into slices or rings about 1/8 inch thick. See prevent browning for a holding solution if you are drying large amounts of fruit.
  2. Pretreat fruit if desired using Sulfite Dip, Steam Blanching or Syrup Blanching.
  3. Preheat dehydrator following manufacturer instructions.
  4. Arrange prepared food on drying trays, leaving small spaces between pieces for good air circulation.
  5. Turn large pieces halfway through drying. Move pieces near sides of trays to the center or stir small pieces to ensure even drying. Rotate trays if recommended by dehydrator manufacturer.
  6. Check for Dryness at the end of the minimum drying time, and then more frequently as drying progresses. Let a sample piece cool to room temperature before testing.
  7. Condition foods before storing.
  8. Package dried foods in glass jars, food storage containers or plastic food storage bags in small amounts. Store containers in a cool, dark, dry area to maintain quality.

Sulfite dip: 5 min

Steam blanching: 3-5 min depending on texture

Sulfite dip: 10 min

Dry time: 6-12 hours

Test for dryness: Soft, pliable, no moist area in center when cut

Source: Quality for Keeps: How to Dry Food at Home, MU Extension GH1563