Frozen Gooseberries


Quantity: 1 crate(24 qt) yields 32 to 36 frozen pints. 1-1/3 to 1-1/2 lbs yields 1 frozen pint.

Quality: Choose fully ripe berries if freezing for pie; choose berries a little underripe for jelly.


1. Sort, remove stems and blossom ends and wash.

2. Follow directions below for style of pack desired. The unsweetened pack is best for use in pies or preserves.

Syrup pack: Pack into containers. Cover with 50 percent syrup, leave headspace, seal and freeze.

Unsweetened pack: Pack berries into containers, leaving headspace. Berries can also be frozen first on a tray and then packed into containers as soon as they are frozen, leaving no headspace. Seal and freeze.


So Easy to Preserve, 5th ed. 2006